Xaverian Excellence Award

Xaverian Excellence Award is based on a comprehensive assessment of the achievement of a student in the following four areas as per the weightage given below:

1 Academics 50 points
2 Activities and Exercise of Leadership 20 points
3 Sports and Games 20 points
4 Values and Attitudes 10 points
Total 100 points

In order to be eligible for receiving the Xaverian Excellence Award a student should acquire a minimum of 75 points from all the four areas together- this includes: a minimum of 25 points in Academics, 20 points in Activities, Sports and Games and 5 points in Values and Attitudes.

I. Grading of Academic performance: (Max. 50 points)

Academic performance will be graded based on the following scale:

Marks% Points
Less than 50% No points
50 -53 25
54 -57 27
58 -61 29
62 -65 32
66-69 35
70-73 39
74-76 44
77-79 49
80& above 50

( The academic grading will be done based on the marks obtained in the year's average.)

II. Grading of Activities and Leadership Score: (Max. 20 points)

General Rules:

  • A student can participate in any number of activities- School as well as interschool.
  • Not all activities are graded in the same way. Relative weightage points are allotted for each activity based on its difficulty level.
  • Academic related class activities are not to be included.
  • The final grade will be given based on the HMO of two or three students of each class. The scale for converting the total marks into grades will be provided to the class teachers. At the end, each grade will be converted into points as given below:

Grade Points
A1 20
A2 18
B1 16
B2 14
C1 12
C2 10
D1 8
D2 6
E1 4
E2 2

Leadership score:

Towards the end of the academic session the Coordinator of Discipline/Club/ House Moderators will award score to those students who held various positions based on an assessment of the performance in discharging their duties and responsibilities during the academic year.

III. Grading Sports, Games & Athletics: (20 points)

The Sports Department will give points to each student based his/her performance in the various school/inter-school/State/National level participation in sports and games.

IV. Grading Attitudes and Values: (Max. 10 points)

The Attitudes and Values of a student are assessed on the basis of some essential qualities like the following

  • Academic Related Qualities: (Punctuality, regularity, attentiveness, hard work, respect for teachers, willingness to follow instructions, discipline etc. (10 marks)
  • Social Qualities: Ability to work in a team, responsibility, reliability, concern for cleanliness and public property, polite, courteous, caring for the poor, respect for rules. (10 marks)
  • Personal Qualities: Values of truth, honesty, integrity and fairness; mature and balanced reaction in the face of failures, punishments, criticisms and other adverse situations; courage to stand for one's convictions, ability to cope with problems and stress. (10 marks)
  • Leadership Qualities: initiative, creative in thinking and action, respect for other's views and opinions, positive influence on other students, ability to solve conflicts, not succumbing to peer pressure, ability to carry everybody together in a positive way, reliable and responsible. (10 marks) (10 marks x 4 = 40 marks / 4 = 10 points)
  • In consultation with the subject teachers the class teacher will give points to each student based on an integrated assessment, keeping in mind the above mentioned guidelines.