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The Xaverian Spirit

The Xaverian Spirit is something that the students acquire and celebrate for almost thirteen years of their life. The students go through the portals of this great institution which teaches them lessons that they will hold dear and will stand them in good stead.

The Xaverians come from different ethnicities and religions, customs and costumes, languages and accents but they work together under the same roof, sharing the same hopes, dreaming the same dreams. It matters little where one is from, which Indian language one speaks at homes, what version of religious faith one espouses. On the school campus they are all one. All differences and disparities are left outside the School gate.

In other educational institutions students learn to answer the questions but at Xavier’s they learn to question the answers. Some of them go further; they question the questions. This spirit of knowing and enquiring without fear has created many a merit holder in the Board exams, many a businessman with a conscience and national political leaders of high caliber.

A Strong Bond Between Students and Teachers:

The secret of success of our education is the strong bond that exists between the teacher and the taught. It is a rare and strong one. It is not limited to children a teacher teaches. Every teacher interacts with far more students than he or she teaches – in the capacity of a Club Moderator or a House Moderator; so these different levels of interaction highlight different facets of the nature of children and teachers too. Sometimes as teachers we have a tendency to impose, convinced that we know what is right and what is the best. It becomes difficult to undermine our position of authority and grant leverage to the kids. But at Xavier’s most of us would have learnt that at times we need to trust the students and learn from them too – their decisions may be right, their instincts may hold good. Xavier’s is a fertile breeding ground for creativity and innovation and offers rich learning experiences for both the students and the teachers.

Teachers spend valuable time guiding and advising students. There have been times when a simple nod of approval or a word of encouragement has done wonders for a depressed child. An angry rebellious child has often been appeased by an understanding, yet wise and calm word from a teacher. Like the Mother seagull (Liam O’ Flaherty), at times the teachers present demanding or challenging situations before their young fledglings and help them gain confidence. Teachers and Jesuits at Xavier’s are the axle around which our children’s lives turn. They move ahead alright – but constantly need the axle to be on the right track and once they reach Class 12, they are bubbling with energy and are like kites ready to take a giant leap into the boundless sky, ready to touch new horizons and explore new worlds.