Our Misson

“We aim to form leaders in service, men and women of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment.”


  • Social Transformation: Jesuit education aims not merely at economic enhancement of the individual or society but creating men and women for others
  • Spiritual Transformation: Jesuit education focuses on the formation of values, attitudes in the students. We believe that true knowledge leads us to God ultimately.
  • Intellectual Transformation: Develop imaginative, affective and creative dimension of the students.
  • Personal Transformation: Develop to the fullest possible way the God given talents or the self image of the learners

Objectives of Jesuit Education:/

“The aim of Jesuit education is the formation of principled, value-oriented persons for others after the example of Jesus Christ.”

Jesuit Education…

  • proposes Christ as the model of human life.
  • aims at bringing about a true metanoia – a change of heart by which a person turns from selfish concerns to complete and unreserved generosity towards God and His Kingdom.
  • seeks to form ‘men and women for others’.
  • aims to create leaders with the potential for influencing and transforming the society.
  • assists in the total formation of each individual within the human community.
  • is value-oriented. Imparting right values through education is the prime concern of Jesuit education.
  • pursues excellence in its work of formation.
  • manifests a particular concern for the poor.
  • stresses on extra-curricular activities. These enable students to gain confidence and self-reliance, necessary for face the challenges of the world.
  • insists on individual care and concern for each person.
  • encourages life-long openness to growth.
  • serves the faith that does justice.
  • is preparation for active life commitment.
  • relies on spirit of community among teaching staff, administrators, Jesuit community, governing boards, parents, students, former students, and benefactors.
  • promotes dialogue between faith and culture.