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Total Records: 4
Name: Harish Sharma
Date: 31-Mar-2018

Profession: Business
Comment: Excellent school... In fututure,My son will be student of this school. Now my son DOB is 07/april/2015. My dream will come true..
Rating: None
How you know: Referred by a friend
Date: 23-Mar-2018

Profession: Consultant Neonatologist and Prof of Pediatics
Comment: I am a Clinician Scientist at Monash Children's Hospital & Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Delighted to know of the excellent work by DOXA.
Rating: Excellent
How you know: I am an ex-student
Name: Arun Kumar
Date: 15-Feb-2018

Profession: government employee
Comment: This website is very very useful . all information can be opted easily . most of the part of this website is clearly mentioned .
Rating: Excellent
How you know: I am a parent

Total Records: 4

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